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Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Save time

Save time in preparing, distributing, coordinating and running meetings:

  • Set up agenda items ahead of the meeting and email or post the agenda for participants to review.
  • Record minutes and actions as the meeting proceeds and email or post the updated meeting information directly after the meeting.

Meeting Document Upload


Centralises meeting documentation:

  • Upload documents, images, spreadsheets, etc, applicable to one or more meetings.
  • Link these files to the applicable meeting agenda items prior to the meeting.
  • Email and/or post the documents prior or after the meeting.

Meeting Minutes and Actions


Access to past decisions, actions and agreements:

  • Review meetings, meeting minutes, outstanding actions, etc, via Minute Keeper’s dashboard once you log in.
  • Use the Meeting Review facility to list minutes and actions fitting specific search criteria, eg: between 2 dates, containing a specific phrase, etc.
  • Track OHS and environmental management reviews, actions and associated follow-up.
  • Quickly locate past decisions discussed, moved, voted on and/or agreed to by meeting members.

Minute Keeper Dashboard

At a glance

Use the dashboard to check:

  • Recently added meetings.
  • Upcoming and past meetings.
  • Pending, overdue and completed actions.

Downloads:  Introductory Guide, Setup Guide, User Manual and Tutorial >>