Minute Keeper streamlines your meeting management:

  • Saves time in preparing, distributing, coordinating and running meetings.
  • Centralises meeting documentation.
  • Provides efficient access to past decisions, actions and agreements.
  • Supports your organisation in relation to various compliance obligations.


Access to Minute Keeper (Web) any time of the day, anywhere around the world.


Download and/or email meeting agendas, minutes, actions and associated documents.


Phone and email support, user manual and tutorial, videos and FAQs.

Managing Meeting Agendas

What is Minute Keeper?

Minute Keeper is a web application that helps organistations, departments, business and project teams manage their meeting details - agenda items, minutes, actions, attendees, apologies, and associated documents.

Managing Meeting Minutes


Some of the many features of Minute Keeper include:

  • Web-based screens for adding meeting detail, agenda items, minutes of meetings, meeting actions, and for linking uploaded documents.
  • The ability to link agenda items and actions to staff and visitors.
  • A facility to search for and list prior agenda items and actions based on a range of search criteria.
  • Ability to print agendas, meeting minutes and allocated actions for emailing.

Minute Keeper Customisation


Minute Keeper allows you to customise a wide range of areas including:

  • Ability to manage the data within the drop-down lists such as: meeting types, locations, positions, agenda types and titles.
  • User roles to specify who can read, modify or delete records like meetings, agendas, actions, documents and users.
  • Departments that are separated from each other with their own personal data.
  • Webpage colour theme.